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Accessibility Description

Declaration of accessibility - Magic Kass Ltd. 

Date of update: 09.12.2022


Magic Kass Ltd. considers it very important to make the content of its website accessible equally to all sections of the population, including people with disabilities. All in order to provide a service experience that meets the unique requirements of its customers and to make the site as user-friendly and convenient as possible.

Site accessibility

Jquery and CSS are used to implement accessibility on this site.

Adjustments made on the site

The accessibility menu on the site is on the page on the left and is marked with the international accessibility symbol.
The menu allows the following adjustments:

  • Increase the font display up to 200%
  • Change the color contrast on a dark background
  • Change the site to black and white
  • Change color saturation to a brighter color

To the junction of your heart

Sending feedback to the company regarding accessibility can be obtained on the contact page or directly at the number 02-5441919


After selecting a certain option in the menu, wait for the page to load.


Despite the Company's efforts to enable browsing of an accessible site for all pages of the site, pages on the site for which accessibility adjustments have not yet been made may be discovered, or for which the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found. We continue at all times in our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site, as much as possible, out of faith and a moral commitment to allow comfortable and equal use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilities.

Customer service

Today you can get service from our service representatives in the following ways: Email and contact form on the website as well as customer service number 02-5441919
The center's operating hours are Sunday-Thursday from 09: 00-17: 00, not including holiday eves and holidays.
A customer who would like to speak by telephone with one of our representatives can request this and we will coordinate with him back by telephone.

Additional adjustments

We provide service to visitors to the complex.

The following accessibility adjustments were made to the complex:
Adjacent parking - yes
Access roads without obstacles - yes
Wide aisles - regulated
Directional signage - yes

Inquiries regarding accessibility

If a page has been discovered for which an accessibility adjustment has not yet been made or a special accessibility adjustment is required, you can contact us by selecting the Contact us option in the accessibility menu.