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Frequently Asked Questions

Park tickets can be purchased on the Magic Cass website only or at the box office.

No, a visibly pregnant woman is not obligated to purchase a ticket. If the pregnancy is not visible to the eye, appropriate certificates must be presented.

No, you have to wait at the box office as usual in order to withdraw the tickets.

No, there is no time limit/ use of the joyrides

You can always see the days that open when you click on the "Purchase Tickets" button. It is also recommended to follow and be updated on our website - there may be additional days.

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance on our website to reserve the place for you. At the box office of the park, it is possible to purchase tickets - based on availability.

Any entrance to the park from the age of two is charged at the full ticket price.

At Magic Kass you will find 10 crazy facilities, over 100 arcade games, a simulator complex, a Gymboree, a performance complex, a toy store, shopping stalls, and a strictly kosher food complex

After purchasing the ticket on the website, scan the QR code at the box office and immediately after that your personal bracelet will be printed for you to use throughout the park according to the ticket you purchased. It is important to note that the bracelet will be used for the entire park, starting with the facilities, the video games, the simulator complex, the food complex and more..

The entire park is covered and air conditioned except for the Bereshit joyride that located on the roof of the park.

There is parking close to the complex for a fee, and free parking is a short walk away.

The park is accessible to the disabled.

for sure! Leave a request on the website in the "Celebrate with Magic" tab

Feel free to follow us and stay updated on all social networks! (Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) and of course in the app.

At the entrance to Israel Park you will find the stunningly beautiful Dee City complex, and in addition, we are 7 minutes away from Jerusalem

The park has a gymboree complex, a climbing wall, a pirate boat, carousel chairs and dozens of video games.

The park contains 3 floors: -Floor of extreme facilities - Video game floor, gymboree and toy store -A food floor, a performance roof and a Genesis train

Yes, in addition it is also possible with a credit card

We have a free shuttle from Jerusalem, you can see arrival times in the "Directions" tab For public transportation, check with the relevant authorities