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Safety instructions for Magic Kass guests


The instructions of the Magic Kass staff operating the facilities must be obeyed.

The activity in the facilities is adjusted from a minimum height. In some facilities, adult escort is required.

Closed shoes are required at the entrance to the facilities

Stand in line according to the facility’s order, respect those standing in line and wait your turn patiently.

  • Do not push in line!
  • It is forbidden to climb the fences of the facilities!
  • Violence is not allowed in the park complex.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium and facilities
  • Thrown in the bins scattered throughout the compound.
  • It is forbidden to run in the compound
  • Do not go up to facilities with valuable equipment and jewelry.
  • The management of the complex is not responsible for the loss and/or theft of personal equipment.
  • Do not go up to the facilities when you are not feeling well.
  • It's allowed to smile
  • It’s allowed to enjoy
  • It’s allowed to fly high
  • It is important that you’ll come out with a taste for more and come back to us again 😊